Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter greens

They don't seem to agree, they never did
I don't seem to be content, I never was
What is this fucking nonsense that's banging her brains out?
Too many questions, time to see a shrink
I don't know, did I ever?
It's Sunday honey
I need a lot of sleep
Have been worrying for the whole fucking week
It has been years I slept well
The patient is long gone, the doctor still bills him
Late nights never helped anyone
I need a coffee with some extra milk and some extra sugar
It's sleepy in here and warm too
Winter is not polite and I never had anything warm inside
Am I missing you?

Coffee vs Tea

Don't let that come out
It's better shut down there
Never helped, never will
I am better this way
Who gives a shit who loses?
I never did, I never will.
Kids on the grass, playing and singing
It's early Spring and the birds too sing
Like a new life for a new leaf
Soon to be dark green, dark yellow
And then pale
The ground eagerly waiting
The gravitational pull
The hug awaits
There is a distance between the fucking cup and the lips
Who gives a shit what's in it?
Coffee is always better than tea
That's why those cookies have pasted, sliced, roasted brown nuts
And a lot of sugar
Did you just say you love me?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cinderella's Irony

Divine interventions are for everyone
Just like the sun and the moon
I couldn't have been left behind
As the sun is about to set in a few minutes
My thoughts go back to the casket and the sound of scratching over it
It was fast but it was not powerful, animal?
It has been weeks, wait a minute...
Years... yes it has been years now...
I could hear something breathing over me
Then there was a thud, another!
Someone was jumping over me!
Lord! dead guys don't get a place to hide, do they?
Outside, someone was clapping!
I could hear a child's voice
From a small crack i could see the light outside
The sun was about to set, i could smell it
My sense of smell was back!
I tried to sniff myself
I din't smell a shit
What's wrong with me?

Monday, January 30, 2012


I could hear the earth above me
Was it moving?
I tried the Kill Bill shot
It did not work
The casket was stronger, healthier
My knuckles were black and blue
So was my forehead
Ah! my forehead, once laden with kisses of love
Now slowly swelling
It has been a long time now
Six feet under, i was wondering, again!
Yes, someone was trying to exhume me
Who? Why?
Loved by many, hated by none; partial jealousy
Life came down like the North Tower
Was it orchestrated? Was it destiny?
Now, i could hear scratches on the lid
What the F?? Who? Why?
Why not?
Lady Luck! Not again!
I don't like being six feet under.
Why not?
My heart beat was in rhythm with those scratches
An animal, no, maybe yes!
I was sweating now, lol
It was bizarre
Do i care?
Of course I do.

artificial breathing

You make me feel that there is no more I and me
Life has been ungrateful to all the laughter i spilled and kept it happy
One stroke of sadness and I was silent:
Not everyone can face your humour
I term it a torture
Don't want your forgiveness
And stop smiling at my plight, Lady Luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Avhi turant maran

Winter brings many surprises
On a wintry evening
As I watched him load the magazine
Once more, and there he goes again
Before I could imagine the knelt down fell forward like a sack
The next fell sideways
I was stoned with excitement
As he scanned the rest of us
He was not even wearing a kerchief over his face
Daring I would say
You! What’s your name?
Ram Janam
Now, call your Ram
I was standing as was not asked to kneel down
He pointed the gun at me
You, what is your name?
Avhi turant maran (Die instantly)
Are you joking? In a slow voice
Why would I?
I was born in these lands some decades ago
My parents had to name me Avhi turant maran
As they knew that in the times to come
This is what might happen
No matter I did something or nothing
I might die helplessly
Wondering why I was born here
With growth I understood the philosophy of fear
Told through the logic of bullet riddled bodies and blown up body parts
I am without fear, as I was born to die wondering, eyes open
He granted my wish
I lie there with my back to the ground, eyes open…

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Waiting for the something

Ya rahe ujad, ya rahe Gujjad
But it draws millions to its nest
Who have learnt to look and behave like them
Jombies, who believed they had the best deal
Kaal ka parichay, ab kya visiting card vhi dein?
Feeds everyone, on the streets,outside the temples
Kills everyone, on the roads, at midnight
Wheels of fortune, creates a misfortune, now and then, very often.
Winter is approaching and blankets are being washed,
It's time to get ready
I still don't believe that it won't rain again,
Assurances don't stop the game, they slow down everything
It still makes you believe every moment
There is something waiting for you, only for you
At the end of the day, at the end of the decade
Centuries have passed, the waiting continues
Anybody seen the Pandavas?
They are chilling in the lounge of the T3, waiting.
Moving out, till the games are over.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Floating in Love

The poem is written by a sweet little girl... she is one of the purest...

To all the love that floats in the universe,
I want to ask you and also thy 'love',
Tell me O dearest, you are always so loved,
You are the obsessively desired and craved so,
For many have died in your name, your love,
And many a evil try to conquer your soul,
And some brave and mighty hearts, race their guts,
To tread into the uncharted territory of your misery,
Of your blood, of your delusions and of your dreams,
But you still reign supreme – undefied, undefeated, unconquered
Coz you are the essence of our dreams and fantasies,
Thy lavish promises, make our eyelashes flutter,
And eyes gleam with some inner radiation,
You don't exist but we worship you, just like the Almighty,
For the very thought of your existence, pumps blood in our veins
But you still sit there on a cold throne, with that Gothic crown
Coz you rule our hearts and influence our faith
You are there, we are happy, you are not there – we wither
I want to capture you like a bird and put in a cage
So you sit, close to my heart, till the dawn of eternity...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love at the time of Dengue

Somewhere in Delhi... Sometime in late 2008...
Does it matter? If you are drunk?
How does it?
You may be drunk, but still
Kicking that same tune
"Baby I may be drunk but–
I still love you."
Lover never dies.
It cannot be frozed;
It is forever chilled
Just like your beer
Your favourite beer
You keep on sipping
One after the other
Never wondering why?
The seconds exchange glances,
With minutes and the hours stand by.
You are dead drunk.
Guys asking you–
"You are the drunken poet? Are you?"
No, mister,
I am just drunk."
"You sure? Ask they?"
"Yeah, just a poem sir,
Nothing else."
A damsel with coffin nails in a plate
My girl might
My family might hate
But my neighbour pulls one.
The nail looks cool in his lips.
Never feared for the salvation.
Nirvana never known.
"Am I high?"
Who cares?
I never do.
The nail sticks to my lips, too.
My neighbour has that smile–
You look drunk?
Do I? ... God Almighty!
I want to be in this place
And be away from it at the same moment.
The smoke still kills.
Who cares?
Not my neighbour—never.
The smoke follows.
The vodka shoots all left and right.
The music vibrates my tee.
"Am I drunk?"
I ask thee.
I don't look like one.
It's a hell of an experience
Under the table.
I still manage to scribble.
Nobody cares. Nor do I.
I just scribble a drunken monk's tale.
Totally conked out, I look for my neighbour.
To him I show my wristwatch
The speakers bang my heart
They pound my head.
Everyone looks so happy.
So do I.
The Father of all sins.
The Devil smiles in the corner.
Making everyone drunk.
This is not what I wanted.
"But you don't get what you want, do you?"
"And you don't want what you get, do you?"
Control, control... go for a pee
Oh! no! will I be
Able to pee?
I wonder, how long will it take.
My neighbour smiles again.
Do I love him?
You bet I do.
Forget the commandments
It's the whole religion flowing in a glass.
The ice is cold, so is the way of life.
The projector, crowded by people–wondering
I don't know, let's see–what's in store?
But baby, I still love you...
love you...
love you...